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Blitz TV is one of the fastest-growing outdoor channels in the country.

Born and raised in Southern Ohio, Trent is the cornerstone of Blitz TV. As a two-time NFL Pro-Bowler known as a run stopper and a relentless pass rusher, his leadership, energy, attitude and passion are nothing short of contagious. With deeply seeded roots in farming and the outdoor lifestyle, enjoying the great outdoors, and sharing it with others, Trent is not your run-of-the-mill professional athlete.

Though his family has always been involved in the outdoors, Trent’s Uncle Jerry Cole, a former championship archer and an inaugural member of the Ohio Bowhunter’s Association, helped shape his passion for the sport at a young age. Receiving his first bow in the fifth grade, Trent could often be found at the local archery shop while his mom shopped for groceries and ran errands. As his football career began to take off and scholarship offers started rolling in, he passed on several full-rides to large schools in order to play at the University of Cincinnati and stay close to home so he could continue to hunt the farms he grew up on. Throughout his 12 seasons in the NFL, he became known as “Tha Hunter” and his infatuation with hunting continued to shine through as he’d draw his “air-bow” after every sack or big play.

As he steps off the football field and into full-time roles as a father, husband, farmer, and hunter, he continues to solidify those roots in the outdoors with the same fervor he showed chasing quarterbacks on Sunday. From the mountains and plains of the west to the shores of the East Coast, his mission of sharing his adventures in the woods and on the water with others is more intense than ever.

Get to know Trent Cole

What is your favorite part of hosting Blitz TV?

I have known a lot of success in my life, from being able to have a very good career being built on sports, to now, where I get to host BlitzTV. BlitzTV is an opportunity to give our viewers a chance to learn valuable skills in the hunting world and life. Our show is about getting out of our daily work life and going on these hunts and fishing trips and educating the viewers on useful lessons to help them be successful when they go out. Being able to educate and be familiar with our viewers is the heart and soul of BlitzTV, because at the end of the day, we are all family.

The craziest hunting story ever?

I have had many close hunting encounters, that I am just happy I’m back alive to tell the tale of. There are too many to choose from to just leave out. I once was prayed on by a wolf in Canada while bear hunting, which was really scary. I was also once surrounded by black bears once while in a tree stand and had to shoot a warning shot at one that tried coming up the ladder of my stand. The most shocking moment was definitely when I came back from a hunt with a friend and when I opened the back door to the pick-up, there was a bear waiting right for me in the bed. Easy to say, the hunter can become the hunted really quick!

What was the transition like from the NFL to the Outdoors?

The transition from still playing in the NFL to the outdoors, in general, was never much of a transition, I have been hunting and fishing and playing football since I was young, I was even given the name “The Hunter” because of my passion for the outdoors. However, it was hard transitioning from the NFL to an outdoors company, while still playing. There were some growing pains from losing relationships in the process of starting the business. But it has always been about pursuing the best experience possible for our viewers and looking in their best interest. 

The most remote location you’ve hunted?

Ontario, Canada. We had to fly to the lake to get there, there’s no other way to access it other than flying. We puddle jumped geese on the water with my bow. They were some big geese too, so they weren’t that hard to hit with an arrow. 

If you could hunt in a single location for the rest of your life where would it be?

Where better than right where I am now?! The East Coast region of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania have lots of game and the population is very rich. However, the deer are still very challenging to go after and you have to work for what you get around here. But overall, waterfowl and deer in this region are very plentiful. 

NFL and Hunting accomplishment you’re most proud of?

I’d like to make it clear that I do not have accomplishments. I believe that you try to make every day the best you can, and what you do or don’t do is irrelevant. It’s the effort and how hard you work to make your day the best it can be. You have to live for another day and it’s not about what you get done, but the peace of mind and experience you gain from it. I believe that I made the best of what I did in the NFL and have done with BlitzTV so far and will continue to do so.

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