South Jersey (April 17, 2021) – Blitz Pro Angler, Trent Cole; kicked off the first Major League Fishing Big 5 BFL season with a BANG finishing in 3rd place out of 149 boats.

“MAN did I want first place! Finishing just 1 pound away from first place, I just needed one more fish. But it was just great to be back on the water and chasing after largemouth bass. I was trying to force myself to catch fish on the bank and they just weren’t there,” Trent said. “So I then explored SUM new water and found great success throwing crankbaits.” – Blitz Pro Angler, Trent Cole

Blitz Pro Angler, Trent Cole

Blitz Outdoors had a great performance all around as Pro Angler, Jay Burger, finished 17th and Pro Angler, Vinny Pustizzi, finished within the top 25.

Blitz Pro Angler, Jay Burger

“It was great to kick off the 2021 tournament season and get a good finish. It was a tough practice but putting your head down and grinding it out sometimes is rewarding. So proud of Trent for his 3rd place finish! I’m super excited for 2021. From fishing the MLF to the Bassmaster Opens! But most importantly, the 2021 MLF All American. The Blitz Team is just getting started!” – Jay Burger

Blitz Pro Angler, Vinny Pustizzi

“I knew going into the tournament that it was going to be a grind. At 12 o’clock, I didn’t have a fish in the box and started to spin out. I decided to take a gamble and run to a new spot even though the tide was wrong. It paid off big time as I put three keepers in the box in under 30 minutes. This tournament showcased the highs and lows of fishing for a lot of anglers including myself. At the end of the day, I was thankful to walk away with a check and some very valuable AOY points!”- Vinny Pustizzi

Next up, Team Blitz will return to the Chesapeake Bay in North East, MD to compete on May, 22, 2021.