Written By: Anthony Dolphin

Laricks Tree Service has become an official sponsor of Blitz Outdoors in 2021.

In a world where full tree servicing from stump grinding to whole tree removals come few and far between, Laricks Tree services pave the way for New Jersey and surrounding areas. You can count on one of the only full tree servicing providers on the east coast to deliver quality results every job. Mike Laricks grew up climbing trees his whole life, if it was just climbing up a tree for fun, or going up on a deer stand, you couldn’t keep him away from them. Once he learned about Horticulture, he realized that quality tree services are very scarce. He jumped at the opportunity by getting a hold of a bucket woodchipper and Laricks Tree Services was born. Now, with the help of an unquenchable work-ethic, and quality work his business has tripled in size, new equipment, employees, and clients. You can count on Laricks to cater to all your landscaping and tree related needs.

Why did you sponsor Blitz Outdoors?

I have always followed Trent Cole and Blitz Outdoors long before my business started. I followed Trent Cole in the football world, watching him terrorize my cowboys twice a year. It was hard not to like the player himself. Once I found out he hunted, I really started to like him. Once things got running with my business and wanted to expand our marketing endeavors, I immediately thought about Blitz Outdoors. Trent was very responsive, and I am incredibly excited to begin a great relationship with an even better person, sportsman, and outdoors show.

What are some of your company’s goals?

I want our customers to reach their peak of happiness with their trees. I want them to recognize us as the very best tree servicing company around and that you will only be getting the best results every time.

“My house was recently damaged by a tornado from the remnants of Hurricane Ida. Mike and his team arrived on the scene in no time to help remove the trees off of my home. I will be forever indebted to Larick’s Tree Service for not only sponsoring Blitz Outdoors but more importantly helping my family in a time of need.” – Trent Cole, Blitz Outdoor’s expert hunting host

For more information on Larick’s Tree Service, please visit https://www.larickstrees.com