Written By: Anthony Dolphin

Lethal Products has become an official sponsor of Blitz Outdoors in 2021 Led by Trent Cole, two-time NFL Pro-bowler, Blitz Outdoors team partners with Lethal Products.

Warner Robins, Ga. (July 1, 2021) —Provider of the best available scent elimination, control field products, bug repellent, personal care products, and gear care lines on the market, Lethal Products has become an official sponsor of Blitz Outdoors. Lethal Products was created to work with patented technology to serve all outdoorsmen with gear they can rely on. Lethal Products lines of gear and sprays will keep you satisfied to know that you can depend on every product, from bug repellent to scent cover, Lethal Products’ ability is guaranteed.

Blitz Outdoors’s Host Trent Cole had this to say about Lethal Products, “Lethal Products’ owner Steve Davidson and I have so many of the same values and priorities within life and our organizations. We both know that expanding the passion of hunting, fishing, and being outdoorsmen is undoubtedly more important than any dollar sign. As American sportsmen, we understand the traditions and values our community holds, and will stop at nothing to instill and continue them. Joining with Lethal Products was a no-brainer.” Lethal Products is more than excited to partner with Blitz Outdoors, one of the highest-rated hunting shows on Sportsman Channel.

“I am in love with Blitz Outdoors. Their approach to teaching and practicing safe, friendly, skillful hunting and fishing is beyond the expectation of what we want to see out of an organization we partner with. Trent is a class-act and has always spoken to us as if we were family. He really cares about protecting outdoorsmen and expanding the love for it. I am very excited to work with them.”- Lethal Products Vice President of Marketing and Outdoors

Blitz Outdoors is preparing their outdoors adventures with Lethal Products. Trent and the team understand the importance of quality utilities and protection when going on your hunting or fishing trips. Lethal Products has a full laboratory staffed with in-house chemists, bacteriologist, and R & D staff. They design, test and manufacture products in their own manufacturing facility in the great state of Georgia. “It makes a difference as a sportsman to have gear that you know is going to be reliable, and outperform all the competition.” shares Trent Cole, Blitz TV’s expert hunting host. In addition to Trent Cole, The Blitz Outdoors team includes:

●           Jay Burger

●           Steve Niederer

●           William Tunniclife

●           Dom Bolognese

●           Jeff Schwein

●           Andrew Owens

●           Vinny Pustizzi

●           Doug Crabtree

●           Jason Smith

Lethal Products will be providing bug repellent, scent removal spray, field control spray, and many more hunting and fishing accessories to the entire Blitz Outdoors team.

About Lethal Products

Lethal Products, based in Georgia, has been at the zenith of outdoors gear products Since 1980. Lethal Products effort has been to produce effective products using the safest chemicals possible using environmentally preferable raw materials. This has been a cornerstone of Clean Control success. Preserving our planet is a large part of what Lethal Products represent. You can be assured to outmatch any challenge any hunt, fishing or camping trip with Lethal products on your side.