Written By: Anthony Dolphin

PSE is now the Official Bow of Blitz Outdoors in 2021 Led by Trent Cole, two-time NFL Pro-bowler, Blitz Outdoors team exclusively hunts with PSE bows.

TUCSON, ARIZ. (MAY 17, 2021) — The best selling brand of bows has become Blitz Outdoors’s Official Bow. (PSE), is now the largest privately-owned archery equipment manufacturer in the United States, and for good reason. PSE bows are 100% made in America within the great state of Arizona. PSE was one of the first companies to machine bow risers and accessories from solid aluminum and pioneered the four-stage forging process to create strong, lightweight bows.

Blitz Outdoors’s Host Trent Cole had this to say about PSE bows, “You can tell everything is solid about these bows, the drawback is smooth and the backwall is sturdy, these bows are the best you can get.” PSE Bows will honorably become a sponsor of Blitz Outdoors, one of the highest-rated hunting shows on Sportsman Channel.

“PSE Archery is excited to have Blitz Outdoors join the growing ranks of top-notch hunting teams exclusively shooting PSE. Trent Cole and the rest of the Blitz Outdoors crew are helping to expand the reach of bowhunting through exciting and informative content. We can’t wait to see them get at it with their PSE bows.”  – Lonnie Workman, VP of Sales & Marketing, PSE Archery

Blitz Outdoors is more than excited to have the honor of drawing back with the best bow craftsmen on the market. Trent has been familiar with the brand and it is not hard to tell that PSE Archery delivers on every bow limb to limb. PSE’s origins with Pete Shepley are synonymous with the way Blitz Outdoors is being built: From hard work, expertise, and sharing the love of hunting and returning quality to viewers and customers alike. “PSE is an American product, through and through, just like Blitz Outdoors, we’re all about giving the best effort, knowledge, and skill into our product. Not only that, but we share it with our viewers and customers. We want the world of hunting to learn and grow just as much as both of our organizations.” shares Trent Cole, Blitz TV’s expert hunting host. In addition to Trent Cole, The Blitz Outdoors team includes:

      Jay Burger

      Steve Niederer

      William Tunniclife

      Dom Bolognese

      Jeff Schwein

      Andrew Owens

      Vinny Pustizzi

      Doug Crabtree

      Jason Smith

PSE will be providing all bows to the Blitz Outdoors team for outdoor hunts for all their medium to big game such as deer or turkey. The Blitz Outdoors team will find themselves lucky to drawback with these high-quality, accurate, and solid bows.

About PSE

In 1970, PSE was started from scratch by Pete Shel, then a product engineer of the Magnavox Corporation. He took his experience and love for archery to the next level and came out with a world class bow company. Pete knew that his knowledge and skill of archery could be channeled into something that could be delivered to the rest of the world. Out of the ashes, PSE was born. Now there are thousands of bows being crafted by PSE. PSE Archery is known worldwide as a leader in the archery industry. Their long-standing commitment to quality and excellence is displayed daily through their product line and company ethics. Adventure starts here with PSE.