Why Blitz?

Ultimate Outdoor Exposure

Blitz TV offers one of a kind social media presence for any company. Professional videography and photography
are used at all times to provide quality and showcase Blitz TV’s footprint in the outdoorsman industry. Host Trent Cole has a social media following that produces exposure for any company.

The Games Changed 

Blitz Unlocks Brand’s Potential

Over the past few years, there has been a parabolic shift in the way outdoor’s companies and brands engage with consumers. The rise of digital media has outpaced nearly every significant metric marketers use today. Blitz was prepared for this paradigm shift from the start, built from the ground up with a digital marketing mentality, we use a variety of digital content to fule organic audience growth and in return create value for our sponsors.

Traditional sponsorship methods should make companies uneasy, they were paying all this money for what a few seconds worth a logo video pan over with a quick shout out? Ask yourself what value is that providing in terms of creating a connection with a consumer? Blitz has completely flipped the traditional marketing narrative in favor of both the Sponsor and the consumer. Trent and the Blitz team take sponsors to the next level, in addition to real product overviews, the Blitz team actually puts words to action. Sponsors will see their gear used in an honest organic fashion whether it’s on the hunt or on a boat you can trust the Blitz team is going to perfectly showcase sponsors in real authentic action that consumers actually engage with and trust.

Get Your Brand

Sponsorship Packages

Cole Outdoors provides Sponsorship opportunities for corporations and/or businesses to participate at a greater level. Sponsors are recognized throughout our digital media and print marketing collateral based upon the sponsorship level to present you with community recognition for your outstanding partnership.

Trophy Level

Brand Ambassador

• Product for Season
• First to Receive New Products for Feedback and Field-Testing Results
• Attend Event on Behalf of the Brand
• Discounts for Additional Products for Sta and Family
• Access to Social Media Followers for Brand
• Receive Brand Assets for One-O and Pre-Production Designs
• Reposting of Blitz TV Photos and Videos to be Shared
on Brand Social Media

Hunt Level

Digital Sponsor Level

• Top Logo Position on All-Digital
• Top Recognition on Cole Outdoors Website and Social Media Channels
• Recognition in News/Press Releases
• Recognition in Email and Newsletter Broadcasts
• 30- and 60-Second Video Segments on Website

Travel Level

Truck & Boat Wrap Sponsor

• Logo placement
• Small billboard

TV Sponsorship 

Sportsman Channel & Hunt TV

• Millions of impressions
• One of the fastest-growing outdoor shows in the country.
• Small and Large Billboard on Show
• Rejoin Segment on TV
• Rejoin with Miniskit on TV
• 30-Second Commercial

Local Opportunities

Boots On The Ground

• Appearance On-Site on Behalf of the Brand
• Autographed Merchandise for Company
• Access to Professional Hunters for Cole Outdoors
• Social Media Post on Behalf of Brand to Cole Outdoor Social
• Use of Trent Cole Name and Cole Outdoor at Store in Digital and Print

What’s the buzz with

Blitz Nation

Blitz Nation has a tremendous cult following in the outdoors world. Blitz’s unique content and the personalities of the group allow them to connect with audiences in other ways other companies simply cannot. Blitz sponsors have consistently applauded our work as we continue to deliver value for our sponsors in the form of fiscal improvement and overall audience engagement. If you are interested in learning about joining our Blitz Nation’s list of sponsors today, click below. SPONSOR BLITZ

Premier Sponsors

Visit some of Blitz Outdoor’s current premier sponsors who help to organically drive content and overall platform growth.


Official Hunting Equipment & Gear

GSM Outdoors is a world-class outdoors company specializing in brands such as Stealth Cam, Wildview, Epic Action Cameras, Walker’s, Cyclops Lighting, Maestro Game Calls, and American Hunter Wildlife Feeders.

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Business & Sports Solutions

ProVantage offers premium business solutions and services to a variety of clients ranging from large corporations to professional athletes. The team is made up of talented multi-faceted business professionals who understand the crossover sports can have within a business conversation.

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